Frequently Asked Questions

Can we feed the wildlife in and around the Lake, like the Geese?

Noooooooooooooooo! The more we feed them, the more often they will return. Then when the geese leave, they leave little reminders behind that many of us step into while walking. Please don’t feed the geese!

Can I keep any fish I catch from lake Adventure?

Yes, the chain pickerel (pictured). Chain Pickerel are voracious predators known to consume fish, aquatic invertebrates, rodents and even snakes. Within just a few years, native species can be decimated. They not only transform aquatic ecosystems, but also negatively impact traditional sport fishing opportunities.

Is swimming allowed in the entire lake?

No, only in designated swim areas.

What vehicles can I ride in Lake Adventure?

Only vehicles that are registered and insured and can be driven on Rt. 739

If I own property in Lake Adventure, can I live there full-time?

No, permanent residency is not permitted.

Can we use Lake Adventure as our permanent residence to receive regular mail?

No, Lake Adventure is a privately owned part-time campground.

Do we need a permit to cut down a tree?

Yes, permits can be obtained through the office, or call 570-686-2800

How do I report a problem at my lot for maintenance to address like no electric or no water?

Fill out a work order and submit to the office.

or call 570-686-2800

What if the office is closed?

Call Security on the Emergency Line at 570-686-3496 and they will let you know if maintenance is available to be called in.

Is the lake stocked with fish?

Yes, but not every year, only as needed

Can I ride my golf cart or ATV on Lake Adventure’s roads?

No. Riding these vehicles within LACA goes against our rules and will result in a citation.

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